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Venue and Accommodation

Conference Venue

SSIM 2021 conference and banquet will be held at Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung, Taiwan. Transportation to Chaoyang University of Technology and campus map can be found here.

The hotel accomdation is located at Splendor Hotel in the hub of Taichung's most prosperous commercial district. This is the only five-star hotel that free shuttle bus stop by and convenient to reach Taichung's High Speed ​​​​Rail station. Just take a 5-minute walk away from the National Museum of Natural Science, the Botanical Garden, SOGO Taichung and ParkLane by CMP. A map can be found here.

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Hotel And Tour

  • Taichung Tourism:
    • Taichung has a pleasant climate and environment and an average temperatu re of 22.4 ℃. Taichu ng is endowed with a rich history and beautiful natural scenery. It also offers well-priced culinary delights, assorted shopping areas and arts performances, making it well worth a visit.
  • National Taichung Theater:
    • National Taichung Theater is a continuation of the 1987 completion of the National Concert Hall and Theater. After nearly 30 years since the first opening of a national performance venue, NTT is a 21st-century cultural facility that is not only a new landmark in the city , but also represents a cultural step forward.
  • Laurel Hotel (Taichung):
    • Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taichung) is located in the Chungkang commercial district, an area that has great potential for further commercial development. The hotel uses a gray-themed textural quality to skillfully build up its image as the king of internationalization.
  • Tempus Hotel (Taichung):
    • Walking into Tempus Hotel, not only you will feel right away at home through our cozy, stylish décor by unifying the elements of City and Resort, but also from the welcoming greeting smiles and the attentive services of our staff. It is just the right place for you to have your own little private oasis to wind down and put aside the chaos and stresses of the city.
  • 52 Hotel (Taichung):
    • 52 Hotel bases its business philosophy on "happiness, creativity, pragmatism and integrity", and vows to provide a "different aesthetic business hotel". Its uniqueness makes it stand out from traditional hotels.



Formosa, derived from the Portuguese "Ilha Formosa" (Beautiful Island), has been a representative appellation of Taiwan to the world for centuries. Shaped like a leaf on the map, Taiwan is located in the Pacific Ocean about 160 kilometers (100miles) from the Chinese mainland and located about midway between Japan to the north and Hong Kong and the Philippines to the south, Taiwan is a natural gateway to and within Asia. Taiwan's total land area is about 36,000 square kilometers (14,400 square miles). Many airlines fly to Taiwan, making it a good travel destination.

Taiwan lies on the western edge of the Pacific "rim of fire" and continuous tectonic movements have created majestic peaks and rolling hills east of the island, as well as plains and basins west of it. Taiwan's tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate climates provide clear differentiation between the different seasons. There are rare or endangered species of wildlife on the island. Among these are the land-locked salmon, Taiwan serow, Formosan rock monkey, Formosan black bear, blue magpie, Mikado Pheasant, and Hsuehshan grass lizard .

Taiwan has a population of 23 million. The larger part of the country's inhabitants are the descendants of immigrants from mainland China. Nearly 500,000 indigenous people, the original inhabitants of Taiwan, still live here, are of 16 different tribes, namely Amis, Atayal, Paiwan, Bunun, Puyuma, Rukai, Tsou, Saisiyat, Yami, Thao, Kavalan, Truku, Sakizaya, Sediq, Kanakanavu, and Hla'alua.

The natural bounty of beauty of Taiwan is unparalleled, including sun splashed beaches and tranquil lakes, gushing waterfalls and soothing hot-springs, and an exotic array of tropical flora and fauna. Likewise, the traditional Chinese arts and crafts still flourish in Taiwan today. Calligraphy and painting, martial and medical arts, philosophy and religion, and the sublime culinary arts of classical Chinese cuisine continue to thrive and develop here, giving Taiwan a traditional Chinese ambiance that is impossible to find anywhere else in the world today.



Located between Northern and Southern Taiwan, -Taichung is the hub of the nation's electronics and technology companies such as the renowned TSMC and AIDC. Taichung is two hours drive from Taipei, or 45 minutes via high speed rail. Safeguarded from its Eastern mountain range, Taichung has a sunny, pleasant climate with an average temperature of 22.4 degrees celsius. This second largest city of Taiwan is endowed with a rich history from the imperial to colonial era. It also offers well-priced culinary delights, assorted shopping areas and arts performances . Taichung is the home of National Taichung Theater, a contemporary spectacle. Taichung is also not short of natural wonders such as the western wetland, the Sun Moon Lake, and is very close to the peaks of Alishan that rises 4000 meters high, one of the highest mountain ranges in the world ..

Taichung city occupies a large portion of the Taichung basin. To the north, also in the Taichung basin lies Fengyuan city, the Houli mountain terrace and even further north Miaoli country. The Dadu mountain terrace marks the western boundary of the city, beyond which lies the western coastal alluvial plain and Taichung port. Marking the southern boundary of the city is the Dadu river, across which is Changhua county and the Bagua mountain terrace. To the east, and of most interest to tourists, is the Central mountain range-a stunning range famous for fantastic scenery that runs from the far north of the island to the very south.

By moving not far from the city, there are many other very attractive resorts. For examples, Sun Moon Lake, located at the geographic center of Taiwan, has the sparkling blue waters. Alishan, a famous scenic spot in central Taiwan that presents beautiful scenery, fresh air and outstanding panoramic view, lays a more than 3,000-year-old cypress tree in the town nearby. Moreover, Kenting National Park, containing many unusual and exotic tropical plant species, offers broad pastures, rocky hills, warm sandy beaches and coral shorelines.


Taichung's Traffic Lines

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Taichung has a range of options for transportations in and out of the city, both public and private, that contends with other metropolises around the world. For links to other cities, there is a wide variety of highway bus companies, offering everything from budget seats to giant plush lazyboy-style chairs with private video screens, video games and massage functions. For rail travel, there is the efficient traditional Taiwan Rail network, plus the more recently-constructed Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail network that offers connections to Taipei and Kaohsiung in about an hour, plus links to Taoyuan (where there's a shuttle bus to the international airport), Hsinchu, Chiayi and Tainan.

Taichung's Ching Chuan Kang (CCK) International Airport also offers regular international flights to Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai and other Asian / Mainland China destinations. Inside the city, Taichung is known for relatively good traffic conditions. A new TTJ city bus system has recently been put in place that is efficient and easy to use. Taxis are plentiful and inexpensive. Over the next several years, Taichung is also constructing a Mass Rapid Transit system.



 Discover more about Taichung and find tours here.


Power Plug

Electrical outlets are of these two types at 110 V: