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Chaoyang University of Technology

Tao-Ming Cheng


Dr. Tao-Ming Cheng


President of CYUT 


"Pursue excellence, Success follows"


CYUT is situated in the city of Taichung in Central Taiwan, a place full of incredible natural beauty with ubiquitous elegance and grace. Irrigated by historical and cultural soil, CYUT provides students with an environment combined with a higher education cradle and a well-equipped campus. CYUT is a young, 26-year-old university with visions to develop outstanding academic and technological talents and achievements. We are emerging as a major academic powerhouse in Taiwan. Our university name, Chaoyang or "towards the rising sun", creates an image of a proactive, youthful and competitive environment with international and multicultural outlook. CYUT has been striving to create an impact in today's globally connected communities.
The present information age offers harmony in the development of higher education and opens up new challenges, such as how to create mutual communication among multi-cultural movements on the campus, how to incorporate professional cross-cultural outputs, and how to keep abreast with effects from internationalization. In recent years, CYUT has navigated towards a closer connection with internationalization. In terms of career development, our internship system helps students build a seamless connection between campus life and employment. One of CYUT goals is to prepare students well for their career upon graduation. Commitment brings results. CYUT is ranked among top world 1,000*. Our team of faculties, staff and students work together and strive to lead CYUT into the international scene.

*Webometrics Ranking of World Universities