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Follow our private panda tours, you can see newly-born babies, naughty cubs, and cute adults in the research bases. You will also have a chance to take part in the featured giant panda volunteer programs, activities including learning more about the pandas' living habits, cleaning the panda houses, making the panda cake and feeding them.

China Panda Tours

Panda Profile

Name: Giant Panda
Date of Birth: two to three million years ago
Nationality: China
Address: Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu
Number: 1,864 in existence (reported in 2015)
Length: 3.9-5.9 feet (120-180cm)
Weight: 176-330 pounds (80-150kg)
Lifespan: 18-20 years (wild); up to 30 years (captive)
Growth: 0-1 year: cub; 1-5 years: teenager; 5-18 years: adult and prime; over 18 years: old age
Food: (for adult) 88 pounds (40kg) of fresh bamboo a day; keep a record of 40 seconds to finish one piece of bamboo
Hobbies: eating, sleeping, climbing the tree, swimming

12 Tidbits You May not Know

  • There are only less than 2,000 pandas living in the wild or in captivity, accurately 1,864 reported in 2015, among which 1,367 are living in Sichuan.
  • Bamboo takes 99% of their diet, but not their only food. They also have some meat, cereal, vegetable, fruits, and some prefer sweets.
  • They defecate 40 times a day! Due to the high-fiber bamboo diet, their excrement is clean. Some souvenirs are made from the excrement, and some cubs even eat the excrement of their mother.
  • All of the world's pandas come from China!
  • This animal was first known by the westerners in 1869, when a French missionary was given a black-and-white fur.
  • One of the reasons why the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) chooses the image of giant panda to be the logo is to reduce the cost of printing - only black and white are needed.
  • Every Year, the United States pay one million dollars for renting pandas to stay in the zoos in Atlanta, Washington, San Diego, and Memphis.
  • When a cub is born in a foreign country, it will be immediately escorted to China by FedEx.
  • There are only two or three days a year when the female pandas are in heat, but some do not know how to mate. Human help is necessary for their breeding.
  • Newly-born cubs are like small pink mice, weighing only three to five ounces; however, they will grow to 100 pounds within one year, and become adults (over 300 pounds) in five years.
  • It has the sixth 'finger' on each of its paws. This 'thumb' beside the five fingers can help it firmly hold the bamboo, and climb the tree.
  • They have tails. An adult has a fluffy white tail with a length of 8 inches (20cm). Clinging to the plump hip, the tail is hard to be noticed.