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Nowadays when 90% of travel companies include shopping stops in their tours in a hidden or exposed manner, which has become an unspoken rule in the tourism market, we TravelChinaGuide Tours break the rules and guarantee 100% No Shopping Stops for all of our China Private and Small Group Tours.
Why No Shopping Tours?
No Detours, No Waste of Time
Our No Shopping promise enables you to spend more time on attractions, without wasting time in tourist shops or factory stores.

Guides are paid commissions for each person they bring into the store as well as commissions on what is purchased. When shopping is included in a tour, you are required to stay at least one hour at each stop, otherwise the guide and driver will not get their commissions. Moreover, the time spent driving to the stores usually means more time on the road and less time for sightseeing. For example, on a tour that includes shopping stops you might only have one hour at the Great Wall or Terracotta Army, while on our No Shopping Tours, two to three hours will be spent at each sight, ensuring your full enjoyment of these rare cultural highlights.
No Pressure, No Waste of Money
Without annoying shopping stops, you can thoroughly enjoy the trip without worrying or being pressured to purchase overpriced items.

On a shopping tour, the shop salesmen usually promote their goods persistently and attempt to propel you to buy. If you don't buy, an awkward atmosphere might arise between you and your guide. In the end you may buy some unwanted items at higher prices. This never happens on our shopping free tours. We pay our guides well so they will concentrate on delivering the holiday experience you expect.
No Shopping V.S. No Obligatory Shopping
When TravelChinaGuide Tours say No Shopping Tours, we mean there are absolutely no shops, no factories and no detours. While some tour operators claim they have 'No Obligatory Shopping', please be cautious as they just give their shopping tours a happy gloss. Their tours definitely include shopping stops, and you still waste time and are subject to pressure to buy when taking their tours.

Furthermore, some companies do not mention any shopping in the itinerary, which does not mean they are shopping free tours. You are advised to ask the operators directly if there are any shopping stops before booking. A hidden shopping tour is even worse, because you do not know where, when, and how many shops you may encounter, or what they may be.

You should also be aware of the tourist restaurants, which are often called shopping site restaurants. The meals there are cheap as it is considered a shopping stop with commissions.
What If I Want to Do Some Shopping?
China is a great marketplace where you can find anything you wish for, or indulge in. We will gladly assist you in finding whatever you desire. It would be our pleasure to help if you want to shop.
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