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The Pioneer Woman Beeswax Wraps Will Keep Those Leftovers Fresh

Wrap fruits and veggies, cover bowls, or pack up lunch!

the pioneer woman sweet rose 3piece beeswax wrap set

Maybe you've seen beeswax wraps and have wanted to give them a try–or maybe this is your first time ever hearing the name. Either way, you're probably wondering what all the buzz is about (pun totally intended 😂)! Well, we're here to fill you in. These wraps are essentially swatches of reusable fabric coated in sticky beeswax that are used for food storage. They work great as a natural alternative to plastic bags and wraps or come in handy if you're missing a container lid. Neat, right?

Now, here's the best part! The Pioneer Woman has a 3-Piece Beeswax Wrap Set available at Walmart–and it's the bee's knees! The set comes with a small, medium, and large wrap in Ree's signature Sweet Rose pattern. The beautiful floral print laid over a gingham cloth makes for both a pretty and practical addition to your kitchen.

The Pioneer Woman Sweet Rose 3-Piece Beeswax Wrap Set

And here's a fact that's sweet as honey: beeswax is waterproof! That means these wraps are designed to keeps unwanted moisture out of food while keeping the food's natural moisture in. Translation: your fruits, veggies, and snacks will stay fresh longer!

To use the beeswax wraps, you simply place them around a container or an item of food then use the warmth of your hands to mold the wrap and make a seal. They're as easy as they are useful. Use the wraps to store leftover pasta that's sitting in a bowl, a peach you've taken a bite out of, or a handful of nuts you want to save for later! The options are endless. And when you're done, just hand wash the beeswax wraps in cool water and air dry to help preserve their beauty and durability. If you ask us, it's time to stock up on a few sets!

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