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10 Best Margarita Glasses for Your Next Happy Hour

This calls for a pitcher of Marg-a-Ree-tas!

best margarita glasses
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There's no better way to liven up a meal than by serving a pitcher of refreshing margaritas, and every cocktail is more fun when presented in a festive cup—especially one as iconic as the margarita glass! But there are so many styles of cocktail glasses out there: Which is the right one for this citrusy tequila drink?

The best margarita glasses really depend on what kind of margarita recipe you're working with. A frozen marg needs a sturdier glass than a rocks margarita that's being strained into a delicate coupe, but both styles are great for salted rims. By most standards, Ree Drummond isn't a margarita purist: Instead of putting salt on the rim of her glass (she doesn't like it: "Call me margarita flawed!" she says), she prefers an unapologetically thick rim of lime-spiked sugar. And she even makes some of her margarita recipes with a blend of tequila and vodka. As a nod to her untraditional choices, this list includes some unique glassware along with the best traditional coupe-style margarita glasses.

This glassware will get you ready to cheers, whether you're shaking up a pitcher of classic lime margaritas or are making a twist on the original, like Ree's Marg-a-Ree-tas. Also make sure to try her fresh Mango Margaritas, Strawberry Margaritas, and Blackberry Margaritas when you want a fruity twist!

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Durable Glass
Libbey Cactus Margarita Glasses

You've probably seen a version of these cute cactus glasses at your local Tex-Mex spot. They'll make any party feel more festive! 

Dishwasher Safe
Ribbon Margarita Glass

These stemless cocktail glasses have a sophisticated feel. The pretty blue streak adds an artistic touch.  

Traditional Shape
Confetti Rock Margarita Glasses

Each of these beautiful speckled glasses is hand-blown in Mexico, so no two are exactly alike! We'll cheers to that. 

Editor's Pick
MargTini Tumbler

Take the party to go! This insulated margarita glass—in a pretty iridescent finish, no less—will prevent any ice from melting and watering down your drink. 

Great Gag Gift
XL Giant Margarita Glass

This glass is designed for sharing! It holds three standard-size margaritas in one big cup. 

Best for Parties
Plastic Margarita Glasses

If you're looking for margarita glasses for one-time use, you'll appreciate this colorful set of 48 cups. They'll make any get-together feel more festive.

Santino Recycled Margarita
Pottery Barn

The greenish tint to these glasses is no mistake: They're made from recycled cola bottles. Try them if you like glassware with a retro vibe.

Take It To Go
Host Freeze Insulated Margarita Glass
Now 33% off

Don't settle for watered-down drinks at your next tailgate! The insulated plastic walls of these glasses are filled with a cooling gel that keeps drinks chilly. 

Set of Four
Hand Blown Rocks Glasses Set
Direct From Mexico

If you like your glassware stemless, you might want to serve your margaritas in a classic rocks glass. This pretty blue-rimmed set is handcrafted in Mexico. 

Etched Crystal
Crafthouse Coupe
Pottery Barn

For a more delicate feel, strain a margarita into a pretty coupe glass. But don't confuse delicate for fragile: These glasses are super durable. 

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