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15 Best Food Pool Floats That Are Perfect for a Backyard Party

They'll make you hungry!

There are tons of ways to cool down on a hot day. You might enjoy a frozen popsicle, retreat to the air conditioned indoors, or take it easy by getting lost in this year's best beach reads. Of course, one of the best ways to beat the heat is by taking a dip in the pool. If you want to lounge in style this summer, these food-inspired pool floats will add a fun (and tasty!) touch to your favorite pastime. Nothing sounds better than soaking up the sun on a huge popsicle-shaped raft or hanging out in a tube that looks just like an ice cream cone!

These tubes and rafts are a must if you're planning on hosting a summer party this year. Break out cute coolers filled with chilled drinks, don your favorite sun hat, and fill the pool with these adorable floats. There are a few picks that are great for a party, like the waffle or pizza slice rafts. If you buy enough of them, they link together to form a huge multi-person raft! More than ever before, you're going to want to spend as much time as possible outside this summer. Grab one or two of these fun food pool floats to make the most of it.

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5-Feet Long
Jumbo Popsicle Swimming Pool Float
Now 41% off

Imagine lounging on this colorful popsicle pool float while enjoying a red, white, and blue treat. Does it get more relaxing than that? 

Most Unique Pick
Noodle Pool Float
Urban Outfitters

The classic square shape of ramen noodles makes them a no- brainer for a pool float. It's just over five feet on each side, so it's big enough for all-day lounging.

Editor's Choice
Watermelon Pool Float

For hanging out with a friend all day, this huge watermelon float is ideal. It can't get more summery than that!

Under $20
Cheeseburger Inflatable Tube
Fat Brain Toys

This vibrant inner tube measures four feet wide, so you can choose to lounge on top or soak your bottom half in the pool. 

950+ Reviews
Giant Pretzel Inflatable Float

You can either lay on top of this float or gather a friend or two and hang out together. 

Editor's Choice
Ice Cream Pool Float

How adorable is this ice cream float? It's perfect for a hot day to keep you from melting—like this cone!

Silliest Pick
Jumbo Hot Dog Mat Inflatable Lounge Float

You can really soak up the sun on this hot dog float that's just about six feet long. It'll be the talk of your next barbecue.

20+ Reviews
Jumbo Popcorn Pool Float
Now 35% off

Any movie lovers will adore this brightly colored pool float, made to look like your favorite buttery popcorn.

150+ Reviews
Icee Pool Float

Another movie theater favorite! This icy sip is now a huge pool float, perfect for keeping cool on a hot day.

Includes Two Cupholders
Waffle Inflatable Pool Lounge
Now 48% off

Breakfast fanatics need to get their hands on this adorable pool lounger. If you buy four, you can connect each with the bungee cords to make a full waffle!

Under $15
Frosted Doughnut Inflatable Pool Float

You'll want to pose with these adorable sprinkled doughnut floats for a summer Instagram pic.

650+ Reviews
Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float
Now 27% off

Just like the waffle float, you can tie eight of these slices together and make a full pizza—only if your pool is big enough!

Over 6 Feet Long
Inflatable Pineapple Pool Float

Add some tropical fun to your pool this summer with this cute pineapple. It's pretty thick, making it durable and comfy.

Editor's Choice
Fried Eggs Pool Float
Party City

You'll be sunny-side up when hanging out on this fried egg-inspired pool float. You can probably fit two people on top, with one person on each yolk.

220+ Reviews
Orange Slice Swimming Pool Float

This super bright orange raft will make any pool look cheery and inviting. It measures at five feet in diameter, perfect for accommodating more than one person. 

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