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15 Best Super Bowl Party Games to Delight Any Football Fan

Hut, hut, hike! 🏈

super bowl party games
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When it comes to Super Bowl snacks, Ree Drummond's got it covered—and don't even get us started on her Super Bowl dips. (If you haven't tried her buffalo chicken dip recipe, you haven't lived. End of story.) But as we all know, Super Bowl Sunday isn't just about chips and salsa and chicken wings. It's mainly about, you know...the game!

Here, we're sharing Super Bowl party games so you can supplement the on-screen action with off-screen fun. No need to host a huge Super Bowl party just to try out these fun ideas: Even with just a few friends or your kids, you'll be able to upgrade your viewing experience by tossing a football into an inflatable hoop, acing a round of "Super Bowl Commercial Bingo," or celebrating halftime with a football-inspired version of bean bag toss. Some of your favorite tailgate games, including cornhole and ring toss, make an appearance here, too. The best part? Most of these options double as football decorations—and not all of them require you to DIY anything, either. Hey, there's nothing wrong with store-bought! So what are you waiting for? Tell your crew to bring their competitive spirit, because there's going to be double the action this year.

super bowl party games like bingo
Abby Lawson
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DIY Super Bowl Commercials Bingo

Each participant is tasked with making their own luck with this hilarious "Commercials Bingo" idea. Before the game begins, they'll write down products or categories they expect to be featured during the big game!

Get the tutorial at Abby Lawson.

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Best Tabletop
Finger Flick Football Game

Short on space? Opt for this fun "Finger Flick" game, which requires a space no larger than a coffee table or countertop.

super bowl party games like ring toss
Sugar and Cloth
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DIY Field Goal Ring Toss

Touchdown! Using a glue gun, you'll be able to quickly recreate this on-theme metal field goal ring toss game.

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Cloth.

super bowl party games like bingo
Studio DIY
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DIY Super Bowl Bingo

With a handy printable provided, there's really no DIY party game easier than this one. (But your guests don't have to know how simple it was to pull off!)

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

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630+ Reviews
Football-Inspired Cornhole Set

Head outdoors during halftime to enjoy this football-themed cornhole set. The bean bags are filled with all-weather beans, so you don't have to worry about ruining the set because of bad weather.

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Teenymates 2021 NFL Series Game
Now 30% off

These pint-sized NFL figurines pack a lot more fun than their size might suggest! We're big fans of this kid-friendly option.

super bowl party games like felt football
Amy Latta Creations
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DIY Football Toss

Use fleece or felt to craft this easy-to-play football toss. Kids of all ages will want to join in!

Get the tutorial at Amy Latta Creations.

super bowl party games like toothpicks
All For the Boys
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DIY Football Brain Teaser

Task your guests with tackling this tricky brain teaser! It's a great pre-game activity for kids and grown-ups alike.

Get the tutorial at All for the Boys.

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Educational Find
'Go Long!' Football Dice Game

Bet you never thought the Super Bowl could be educational! This math-focused game offers an easy way to get your kids excited about football and their classes in school.

super bowl party games like football toss
A Few Good Pieces
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DIY Football Toss

Want to really score a touchdown with your guests this year? Opt for this DIY football toss—it can be reused year after year, so it's worth the initial effort.

Get the tutorial at A Few Good Pieces.

super bowl party games shuffleboard
Alice and Lois
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DIY Shuffleboard Game

It's only natural that a Super Bowl party game should include snacks, isn't it? This shuffleboard idea uses M&Ms as playing pieces for a result that's just as fun as it is delicious.

Get the tutorial at Alice and Lois.

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1,000+ Reviews
Sport Squad Endzone Challenge
Now 27% off

If you'd rather spend more time at the party and less time DIY-ing, order one of these bestselling lawn games. They're easy to assemble, allowing you and your guests to enjoy yourselves.

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Most Classic
MasterPieces NFL League Checkers Game

How fun would it be to warm up for the big game with a round of checkers? This classic option features a delightfully on-theme design.

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Under $30
'Truth or Dab' The Game
Now 17% off

Any game that includes hot sauce is a winner in our books. (Yes, there's really hot sauce included here.)

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1,500+ Reviews
Inflatable Football Challenge

There's just something really fun about the design of this game. It comes complete with a dry-erase score board, too, so you won't have to keep track of who's winning in your head.

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