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25 Best Super Bowl Party Ideas That Will Score Major Points

Give everyone something to cheer about! 🏈

super bowl party ideas
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If you're a football-loving family like the Drummonds, Super Bowl Sunday is definitely a day to mark on your calendar. From the NFL gameplay and jaw-dropping halftime performances to hilarious Super Bowl commercials and great comfort food, Sunday's biggest game is always a treat. This year, take your celebrations to the next level with the best Super Bowl party ideas.

What better way to pay homage to the biggest night in sports than with games, decorating ideas, crafts, and more? Start the day off with a tailgate-inspired brunch, and decorate your kitchen table or island to look like a football field. Follow it up with a few Super Bowl drinks set on chic DIY leather football coasters while you munch on homemade sloppy Joes. Then, let true die-hards test their football knowledge with a round of Super Bowl Bingo (and hopefully no backyard brawls ensue!). Of course, you can also whip up some of the tastiest Super Bowl snacks and Super Bowl food (corn dogs, anyone?), along with special Super Bowl desserts. And while you get all sporty festivities going early, set the mood with the all-time best football movies. Whatever team you're rooting for, you'll find more than a few easy Super Bowl party ideas that will make Sunday a total touchdown.

super bowl party ideas diy football field table
A Night Owl
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Make a Football Field Party Table

Your spread will look super festive atop this DIY football field table! It's so easy to create using green felt, white duct tape, and number stickers.

See more at A Night Owl.


super bowl party ideas diy commercials t shirt
Persia Lou
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DIY "Here for the Commercials" T-Shirts

Football isn't for everybody. If you're on Team "Come for the Snacks, Stay for the Commercials," then this cheeky DIY T-shirt is perfect for you!

See more at Persia Lou.

super bowl party ideas diy leather football coasters
Sugar & Cloth
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DIY Leather Football Coasters

Who says football decorations can't be chic? These DIY leather coasters shaped like mini footballs will add a touch of style to your soirée.

See more at Sugar & Cloth.

super bowl party ideas sloppy joes
Ralph Smith
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Feed Your Whole Football Crew with Sloppy Joes

Do you have a football team's worth of people coming over for the big game? Feed the whole gang with this easy sloppy Joe recipe.

Get the recipe.

super bowl party ideas huddle letterboard menus
Sugar & Cloth
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DIY "Huddle" Letterboard Menus

There's no doubt everyone will huddle up for your yummy snacks on game day—these DIY letterboard signs are just a helpful (and cute!) reminder.

See more at Sugar & Cloth.


super bowl party ideas football chocolate covered strawberries
Charles WollertzGetty Images
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Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Footballs

Everybody loves chocolate-covered strawberries—and even more so when they're dressed up for game day as cute mini footballs!

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super bowl bingo super bowl party ideas
Studio DIY!
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Play Super Bowl Bingo

Sure, the winners of the Super Bowl get rings, but what do you end up with other than team pride? Well, if you play this game, you might just get a prize, too!

See more at Studio DIY!

super bowl snack box super bowl party ideas
Studio DIY!
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DIY Game Day Snack Boxes

With these DIY game day snack boxes, you can enjoy all your favorite treats in sporty style.

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super bowl party ideas make corndogs
The Pioneer Woman
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Make Corn Dogs

Part of what makes football games so fun is the food. With this classic corn dog recipe, you'll be able to enjoy one of football's tastiest delicacies. (You'll want to try the cheese-on-a-stick, too!)

Get the recipe.

super bowl commercial ratings super bowl party ideas
Studio DIY!
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Craft Super Bowl Commercial Ratings

We all know that the commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl. As such, give them the attention they deserve this year by making these fun commercial rating signs for you and your fellow viewers.

See more at Studio DIY!


themed balloons super bowl party ideas
Studio DIY!
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Make a Bundle of Themed Balloons

Is a party really complete without balloons? Blow up a few of these easy-to-recreate helium bundles depending on the colors of the teams playing.

See more at Studio DIY!

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Set the Scene

Can't be on the field or in the stands? No worries: With this creative table runner, you'll feel like you're right on the turf.

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Start with Themed Invitations

Even if you're only spending the big game with the folks in your house, creating themed invitations to the day's events can make a low-key Super Bowl Sunday a bit more special.

super bowl party ideas queso dip
Will Dickey
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Try a Tasty Cheese Dip

Sure, cheese balls are delish. But one look at this queso dip and you'll want this on your coffee table come Super Bowl Sunday.

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snack mix super bowl party ideas
Ree Drummond
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Upgrade Your Go-To Snack Mix

Go the extra yard with your snack mixes for game day. This tasty recipe is equal parts salty and sweet.

Get the recipe.


glitter foam fingers super bowl party ideas
Studio DIY!
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Make Your Own Foam Fingers

Craft something that can be used for Super Bowl parties now and forever! These glitter foam fingers will do the trick.

See more at Studio DIY!

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Play Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

One way to make Super Bowl commercials even more fun than they already are is to pair them with a bingo game. That way, you can win something by the end of the game too.

creamy avocado ranch dip super bowl party ideas
A Spicy Perspective/The Pioneer Woman
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Elevate Your Ranch Dip

Love guacamole and ranch dips? Instead of choosing between the two, enjoy both mixed into one recipe.

Get the recipe.

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Create a Photo-Worthy Backdrop

Everyone loves giant word balloons. These will make for the perfect game day backdrop.

football movie marathon super bowl party ideas
Remember the Titans
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Have a Football Movie Marathon

What better way to prepare for the Super Bowl than by watching all the best football movies known to man?


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Make Your Dips Look Their Best

Forget about plain bowls filled with chips and dips. This football field-themed food platter will make even the simplest snacks look spectacularly elevated.

super bowl brunch super bowl party ideas
Studio DIY!
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Have a Tailgate Brunch

Why wait until game time to celebrate? With this fun pastry-themed tailgating brunch, you can get ready for the game as soon as the day starts.

See more at Studio DIY!

super bowl party ideas wings
Will Dickey
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Whip Up Some Wings

Wings are another must on Super Bowl Sunday (and all football season long, honestly). This recipe will quickly become a new fave.

Get the recipe.

snack bowls super bowl party ideas
Peter Willert / EyeEmGetty Images
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Host a Snack Buffet

Dealing with picky eaters? Instead of making a single snack mix, create a buffet where guests can make their own combo.

football on field super bowl party ideas
Winslow ProductionsGetty Images
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Take a Football Quiz

Think you know everything there is to know about football and the NFL? Prove it (and challenge your friends) with this quiz.


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