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30 Best Small Christmas Tree Decorations That Fit in Any Space

Because you can get in the holiday spirit without a full-sized tree!

small christmas tree decorations

Starting to think about how you're going to decorate for Christmas? Whether you live in an apartment, only have a small space available to decorate, or are looking for ways to add tiny festive touches all throughout your home, you're in the right place. These small Christmas tree decorations are the cutest way to decorate, because it's not about the size of the tree that counts but rather the Christmas magic it infuses into the space. With that in mind, we scoured the web for more than two dozen small Christmas tree decorating ideas to help inspire your holiday home planning.

Perhaps you want to add a kid-friendly mini-tree to your little one's space. There's a simple DIY for that! Or maybe you prefer unconventional, minimalist silhouettes over traditional, over-the-top evergreens. There's a tree for that, too. (A few, actually!) And if you're looking for vibrant options to add an unexpected pop of color to your space, there are plenty of small Christmas trees for that, too. No matter your vision or home décor style, you're bound to find at least one small Christmas tree decoration worth making room for in your house. These small trees will look great as Christmas stair decorations, elevate your mantel décor, or add a bit of flair to your outdoor Christmas display. Some of them even make great DIY gifts! The real question is, how will you pick just one?!

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Two Sizes Available
Faux Pre-lit LED Potted Tabletop Tree

No time to string up lights this year? No problem: This tiny tree comes pre-lit—you'll just have to add batteries. The display-ready galvanized pot is a nice touch, too.

colorful bottle brush christmas trees small christmas tree decorations
Studio DIY!
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Colorful Bottle Brush Trees

Who said Christmas trees have to be green? Studio DIY! shows how beautiful they can be in a rainbow of colors, with gold bases tying them all together.

See more at Studio DIY!


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Extra-Small Option
Darice Mini Canadian Pine Tree

If you're looking for a really small tree, this one's your best bet. It's tiny enough to place right on a mantel or table—and you can add ornaments and tinsel to your heart's delight!

christmas tree fridge magnet small christmas tree decorations
A Beautiful Mess
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Magnetic Christmas Tree

Want to create a toddler-friendly Christmas tree? This magnetic DIY will fit the bill.

See more at A Beautiful Mess.

Pottery Barn
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Stand Included
Pre-Lit Potted Faux Hudson Pine Tree

It may be just four feet tall, but this faux Hudson pine makes a big statement. It's pre-lit and accented with the cutest berries and pine cones.

tabletop pinecone tree small christmas tree decorations
StoneGable Blog by Yvonne S. Pratt
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Tabletop Pinecone Christmas Tree

For a regal and rustic small Christmas tree decoration, opt for not only baubles but ribbons and pinecones, too. Placing the tree in a woven basket will add to the rustic, modern farmhouse appeal.

See more at Stone Gable.

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Pre-Lit Option
Pre-Lit Winston Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

There's something so precious about this pint-sized tree! It ships quickly, looks beautiful, and will save you tons of space.

glitter cone christmas trees small christmas tree decorations
Lia Griffith
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Glitter Cone Christmas Trees

Who knew cones could be so full of holiday cheer? Here, you can see how whimsical they look when wrapped in glitter card stock.

See more at Lia Griffith.

Harry & David
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Cutest Container
Season's Bright Spruce Christmas Tree

This pre-planted dwarf Alberta spruce tree comes with everything you need to get your home ready for Christmas: a felted penguin garland and snowflake garland, a battery-operated string of 40 white LED lights, and even a decorative sweater-covered container.

rainbow glitter christmas cones small christmas tree decorations
The How To Mom
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Glitter Rainbow Christmas Tree Cones

Cone Christmas trees don't have to be red, green, or gold. You can cover them in a rainbow of color for a bold, cheerful allure!

See more at The How To Mom.

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Rustic-Glam Option
Glittery Bristle Pine Burlap Tree

Talk about a gorgeous centerpiece! This 2-foot-tall tree is housed inside of a rustic burlap bag and features the prettiest white-tipped pine cones.

tabletop christmas tree small christmas tree decorations
The Merrythought
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Tabletop Rustic Christmas Tree

If you have very little space and prefer very minimalist designs, check out this teeny tabletop tree. The paper bag skirt adds to its Scandinavian allure.

See more at The Merrythought.


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Stunning Base
National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Mini Christmas Tree
Now 29% off

Berry clusters, frosted branches, and a gorgeous pot base add to the appeal of this pretty tree. Choose from a 4-foot or 5-foot option.

felt christmas tree wall hanging small christmas tree decorations
Studio DIY!
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Felt Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

This felt Christmas tree wall hanging is another great option for toddler-friendly trees. The best part? It's totally sew-free!

See more at Studio DIY!


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Worth the Splurge
MacKenzie-Childs Jolly Holiday Vintage Tree

It's a splurge, but a worthwhile one! Just look at the nostalgia-inducing, spaced-out branches and whimsical container of this tiny tree.

yarn christmas tree small christmas tree decorations
A Beautiful Mess
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Yarn Christmas Trees

If you like the idea of cones but don't want to fuss with glitter, consider opting for yarn. While these trees are in unconventional Christmas colors, you can always opt for red and green.

See more at A Beautiful Mess.

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Gilded Beauty
National Tree Company Decorative Collection Entrance Tree

How stunning is this fully-decked-out "entrance tree"? All the trimmings you see here are included.

small christmas trees
Lia Griffith
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Embroidered Felt Holiday Trees

Another small tree option is to use felt. Though, keep in mind that these trees will require a bit more effort, as they incorporate sewing.

See more at Lia Griffith.


tiny christmas tree small christmas tree decorations
victoriabeeGetty Images
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Tiny Christmas Tree

You can't go wrong with a teeny tabletop tree! Something like this will dress up any dresser or side table.


simple small christmas tree small christmas tree decorations
The Merrythought
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Simple Small Christmas Tree

Love the idea of a Scandinavian-inspired Christmas? With a small tree covered in nothing but fairy lights, you'll have yourself a simple design that's bound to make an impression.

See more at The Merrythought.

raffia christmas trees small christmas tree decorationsjpg
A Wonderful Thought
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DIY Raffia Trees

Another thing you can wrap around cone trees? Raffia ribbon! To mimic this project, you'll have to braid it first.

See more at A Wonderful Thought.


disco ball christmas tree small christmas tree decorations
Studio DIY!
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Disco Ball Christmas Tree

Hoping for a little funky glam? Gluing disco balls together is a fun way to achieve just that.

See more at Studio DIY!


diy plywood christmas tree small christmas tree decorations
The Merrythought
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DIY Plywood Christmas Tree

Here's another Scandinavian idea. Minimalist as it may be, it requires a bit more hands-on skill to bring to life.

See more at The Merrythought.

mini christmas tree figurines small christmas tree decorations
Westend61Getty Images
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Mini Christmas Tree Decorations

Small Christmas tree decorations can be truly tiny and still add ample whimsical flair to a space. Take these teeny frosted ones, for example!


kraft paper christmas tree small christmas tree decorations
Lia Griffith
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Kraft Paper Christmas Tree

Another rustic, farmhouse-approved idea is this tree made of craft paper. While it may look large in the photo, remember that you can tailor it to your space—and since it's made of paper, it's easy to move around.

See more at Lia Griffith.

tiny tinsel tree small christmas tree decorations
Klaus VedfeltGetty Images
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Tiny Tinsel Tree

You can never go wrong with tinsel come Christmas, especially when it's displayed in teeny silhouettes.


tree branch christmas display small christmas tree decorations
The Merrythought
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Christmas Tree Branch Display

No room for a Christmas tree? Decorate a branch with little Christmas tree ornaments. It's cuter than you could imagine!

See more at The Merrythought.

red and gold small christmas tree decorations
BulgacGetty Images
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Classic Red and Gold

You can never go wrong with classic red and gold baubles. Thankfully, many stores now make mini ornaments, so you can fill tiny trees to the brim!


mini kids christmas tree small christmas tree decorations
Lia Griffith
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Mini Kids Christmas Tree

Love the idea of a kid-specific tree? This one has adorable Santas and wintry critters.

See more at Lia Griffith.

pink christmas tree small christmas tree decorations
J. JamesGetty Images
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Unexpected Pink Christmas Tree

Pink and black might not be classic Christmas colors, but who said you can't get a little edgy with your display?


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