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33 Best Easter Games for Kids That the Whole Family Will Love

We've got ideas for bunnies of every age. 🐰

easter games for kids
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So, you've already filled up the Easter baskets, displayed your Easter décor, and helped yourself to Easter brunch. Like the Drummond family, you've hosted a fun Easter egg hunt, too... but by the time the afternoon rolls around, that's over and done as well. How can you keep the springtime party going? Now what?

Play a few of the best Easter games for kids and adults, alike! After all, there are so many delightful, giggle-inducing options on this list that you shouldn't be surprised if you're tempted to join in. You can try DIY games with nothing more than an egg carton, a few bean bags, or some pom-poms from the craft store. And who says the fun has to begin on the morning of Easter, anyway? One fun idea involves creating an Easter advent calendar with confetti-filled Easter eggs, allowing your kids to count down to the holiday and get excited long before Sunday. There are also several games like corn hole toss that double as fabulous Easter gifts for kids. Get ready to turn one of these silly, family-friendly DIY Easter games into a brand-new Easter tradition you can return to year after year.

easter games for kids lollipop hunt
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Easter Lollipop Hunt

Sure, egg hunts are fun, but they can be pretty obvious objects to hide in the garden. If you want to create a hunt that's a bit harder, try a garden lollipop hunt!

Simply buy a bag of Easter-colored pops and stick the paper sticks in the soft dirt. By the end, the kids will have a bouquet of lollipops. Just make sure to keep them wrapped!


easter games for kids water gun tie dye
Skip to My Lou
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Water Gun Tie Dye

Turn this cute spring craft into the best outdoor Easter game. To give it a competitive spin, line up the shirts on a clothesline. Then, on your mark, see which kid can make the most creative Easter design first.

Get the tutorial at Skip to My Lou.

easter games for kids egg dominoes
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Egg Dominoes

Dominoes is a cute, old-fashioned game you might have grown up playing with your own parents. Make it festive by crafting egg-shaped dominoes out of construction paper.

First, cut out large egg shapes in various colors and draw a line halfway across each with a marker. Then, using a regular dominoes set for reference, fill in the eggs with the appropriate number of dots for each piece. Now you're ready to play Easter Egg dominoes!

easter games for kids checkers
Craft Project Ideas
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We've all heard of checkers, but have you heard of chickers? It's super easy to make this Easter-themed game set. The main ingredients are pom poms, a canvas board, and fuzzy sticks!

Get the tutorial at Craft Projects Ideas.

easter games for kids piñata
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Easter Piñata

Everyone has probably at least seen one of these before. But, if you need a refresher, have the kids line up and place a blindfold on the person at the front. Give them a plastic baton or bat and spin them around three times. They then try to hit the piñata! Each kid gets one hit until the piñata comes down, when everyone rushes forward to grab the goodies inside!


easter games for kids egg bowling
Kid Friendly Things To Do
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Easter Egg Bowling

Okay, this isn't like the other easter bowling games you know with pins. Instead, you have one white egg and a number of colored eggs. Place the white egg at least ten feet away from the bowlers. Everyone takes turns rolling or throwing their eggs, trying to get them to land as close as possible to the white egg. Whoever gets closest, wins!

Get the tutorial at Kid Friendly Things To Do.

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Token Egg Hunt

Put a fabulous spin on your typical egg hunt by creating a token or 'coupon' hunt. Fill each egg with tokens the kids can pull out in the future to get out of a chore, pick dinner, receive a sweet treat, and more! Don't want to make them? This Etsy craft store does all the work for you.

easter games for kids word games
Artsy Fartsy Mama
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Easter Brain Teasers

They've done the egg hunt, had their meal, and now it's time to start winding the activities down. A sheet of brain teasers is exactly the game they need to sit still and slow down. The kids will be so invested in finding the solutions, they won't even notice!

Get the tutorial at Artsy Fartsy Mama.

easter games for kids carrot toss
Kid Friendly Things To Do
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Carrot Toss

There are a few different ways to do an Easter carrot toss, and this one is edible!

The game is relatively straightforward: Place each player's baskets far away from them, depending on their skill level. Divide up carrots, and determine how many points is the winning number. On your mark, each player begins to 'toss' the carrots into their basket until one player reaches the winning number of points.

Get the tutorial at Kid Friendly Things To Do.

easter games for kids kubb
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You know spring has arrived when you see families and teenagers playing Kubb in their yard or the park. If you've ever wondered about the game, it's the one where people throw blocks of wood at other blocks of wood.

The goal: Eventually knock over the 'King' at the center, but only after you have knocked down all of your opponent's 'Guard Kubbs' using the throwing Batons. However, you automatically lose if you knock the king over before you have eliminated the other team's guards.


easter games for kids bunny paper dolls
Somewhat Simple
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Bunny Paper Dolls

Tell the sweet story of Easter as a family using these adorable bunny dolls. The free printable comes with certificates of adoption, bunny clothes, and a basket to carry all of your bunny's Easter goodies!

Get the tutorial at Somewhat Simple.

easter games for kids cup and ball game
One Little Project
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Cup and Egg Game

Have you ever noticed that the balls in this game look just like little eggs? Lucky for us, this blogger uses perfect Easter colors to decorate this classic, budget-friendly game that keeps children entertained for hours. If you want to give it more of an Easter spin, paint the wood beads in a light blue and add flecks of white to resemble robin eggs.

Get the tutorial at One Little Project.

easter games for kids water balloon balance game
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Water Balloon Spoon Race

If you want to up the ante on your typical egg spoon race, substitute the hardboiled eggs for water balloons. You'll need larger wooden spoons, and make sure the kids are wearing shoes they don't mind getting wet!

easter games for kids corn hole toss
Lovely Indeed
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Corn Hole Toss

Here's a good excuse to create a family-friendly corn hole board you'll use over and over again! The pastels make it work well for Easter, but you can always repaint the set for other holidays and seasons.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

easter games for kids bowling
Handmade Charlotte
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Bunny Bowling

How cute is this? Turn basic wooden pins into bunnies with just a few craft supplies and your imagination.

Get the tutorial at Handmade Charlotte.


easter games for kids activity
The Seasoned Mom
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Easter Eggs-ercises

You know you love a punny idea! For this game, simply fill leftover plastic eggs with cute "challenges" to get your kids moving and laughing.

Get the tutorial at The Seasoned Mom.

easter games for kids walk the egg
Kid Friendly Things to do
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Walk the Egg

Nothing beats a good ol' fashioned egg and spoon game. The kids will learn about teamwork as they try to pass off the egg. As Easter games go, the setup doesn't get much easier than this!

Get the tutorial at Kid Friendly Things to Do.

easter games for kids egg race
Kid Friendly Things to do
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Egg Rolling Race

You may know of spoon egg races, but have you ever heard of an egg rolling race...where you use your nose? Teens, adults, and kids alike will double over with laughter as they try to move their hardboiled egg to the finish line without cracking the shell!

Get the tutorial at Kid Friendly Things to Do.

pin tail bunny easter games for kids
Easter Claire Inspired
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Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Donkey, who? This version of Pin the Tail is the hoppiest one yet.

Get the tutorial at Ella Claire Inspired.

easter games for kids
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Easter Egg Advent Calendar

No one ever said Christmas could be the only holiday with an advent calendar, you know! Expect lots of laughs with this sweet countdown-style game.

Get the tutorial at Kollaborra.


easter games for kids bingo
Sunny Day Family
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Easter Egg Bingo

Your kids will have so much fun mixing and matching the tops and bottoms of these Easter eggs. Whoever gets a row of five first is the winner!

Get the tutorial at Sunny Day Family.

easter games for kids carrot
Little Family Fun
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Feed the Bunny Game

Help your kids practice their shapes with this adorable Easter game. It couldn't be easier to make—or play!

Get the tutorial at Little Family Fun.

easter games for kids pinata
Studio DIY
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Easter Bunny Piñata

A "pull-style" piñata is such a great idea for families with younger kids. (Bonus: It doubles as party décor!)

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

easter games for kids shirt
Get Your Holiday On
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Easter Egg Tag

When it comes to kid-friendly games, it's a good idea to keep the instructions easy. And everyone knows the rules to tag.

Get the tutorial at Get Your Holiday On.

easter games for kids bunny toss
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Hungry Bunny Toss

Because regular bean bag toss is so last year. This update on the original involves a simple cardboard cut-out and felted carrots.

Get the tutorial at Pink Stripey Socks.


easter games for kids scavenger hunt
The Best Ideas For Kids
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Easter Scavenger Hunt

Put an Easter spin on this classic backyard game! Plus, if the weather is not on your side come Sunday, there's an indoor option you can always substitute in.

Get the tutorial at The Best Ideas For Kids.

easter games for kids checkers
Tonya Staab
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Egg Carton Checkers

Turn egg cartons into bunny-shaped checkers pieces! It's the ultimate upcycled Easter craft.

Get the tutorial at Tonya Staab.

easter games for kids popper
Studio DIY
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Egg Popper Tree

Prepare to delight kids of all ages with this sweet activity. These candy-filled poppers are also a cute alternative to Easter baskets.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

easter games for kids
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Bunny Hop Sack Race

They're going to need a way to get all that candy-fueled energy out of their system. This fun outdoor game will do the trick, and yield some cute photos.

Get the tutorial at Crazy Wonderful.

easter games for kids
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Giant Jenga

Slap on some paint, and suddenly "regular" Jenga becomes Easter-ified. Your kids will love this game—and so will any adults at your gathering.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.


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