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15 Best Cowboy Hats for Women That'll Give Any Outfit Western Flair

Saddle up!

best cowboy hats for women
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Like throwing on a pair of cowboy boots, donning a cowboy hat is a great way to add some Western pizzazz to any outfit. But sifting through all of the options to find the best cowboy hats for women can be daunting. Cowboy hats actually come in a bunch of different styles that are distinguished from one another with details you might not even notice. For example, popular styles like the pinch front and cattleman have an indentation on the crown called a crease, but versions that are most true to the original cowboy hat silhouette do not. Other elements that vary from one cowboy hat to another: the width and curve of the brim, the style of the band, and the material.

That's where this list comes in handy. Here, you'll find some of the best cowboy hats for women on the market, which happen to double as great cowgirl and cowboy gifts. There's something for everyone and every price point, including cowboy hats under $50 and splurge-worthy picks by legacy cowboy hat brands like Stetson. Some of these stunners even double as everyday fall hats! There's even room here for Ree Drummond's style. It's true that Ree was a little intimidated by cowboy and cowgirl hats at first, but then she found one that felt like it fit in with her everyday: a casual straw hat with a leather band. "I'm certainly no 'real' cowgirl, so if I can wear a cowboy hat, anyone can!" she says.

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Great Straw Option
Stetson & Dobbs Big River Hat

A straw cowboy hat is the best way to keep cool on hot summer days. Ree actually wears a lightweight straw hat just like this one when she's out on the ranch with the crew. "It provides great sun protection because it shades you on all sides," she says.

American Design
Madewell x Wyeth Wool McGraw Cowboy Hat

Want to really stand out? Eschew the classic brown hues for a stark white hat. This California-cool accessory is made from 100% Australian wool, brushed by husband and wife duo Michael Hagen and Hedda Staines, and is incredibly durable.

Multiple Colors
Wyeth Cash Cowboy Hat
Free People

We love a bold color on the Drummond ranch! And this cowgirl hat comes in one of Alex Drummond's favorites. It comes in multiple colors: Cream, Tobacco, Black, and the Rose pink (pictured here).

Ree's Favorite Color
Turquoise Straw Cowboy Hat
Now 15% off

Turquoise is Ree's favorite color—but that's not the only thing she'd love about this hat. The shape and classic style means it's also practical enough for real-deal ranch work.

Editor's Pick
Stetson Crushable Sagebrush Outdoor Hat

You can't go wrong with a Stetson cowboy hat. The founder, John B. Stetson, inventing this entire style of hat in 1862! Stetson cowboy hats can cost up to $5,000, but this version is available on Amazon for under $100. Thanks to the crushable wool felt material, you can pack it without worrying it'll lose its shape.

1,000+ Reviews
Western Outback Cowboy Hat

A tapered front brim gives this otherwise thoroughly traditional hat a modern feel. It's also lightweight enough to wear while hiking.

600+ Reviews
Livingston Woven Straw Cowboy Hat

Save your wallet with this under $20 straw cowboy hat. It has hundreds of 5-star Amazon reviews.

Best for Working
Stetson Expedition Crushable Wool Hat

Cowboy hats don't just look cool: They were originally designed for protection from the elements. If you're looking for a hat that's tough enough to wear while working outside, consider this solid Stetson hat. The lightweight felt fabric was designed to withstand a range of weather conditions, and the inner band is sweat-resistant.

Most Classic
The Pioneer Cowboy Hat
Hat Country

The original cowboy hat that Stetson designed in 1862 didn't have a pinch in the crown. The classic style is now called Boss of the Plains, or open crown. This updated version has a real leather band inspired by a horse bit.

Best for Fall
Charlie 1 Horse Highway Hat

The burgundy color of this cowboy hat is perfect for fall. Pair it with a cute fall sweater and some comfortable boots.

170+ Reviews
Felt Boater Hat

Get the authentic cowboy look without breaking the bank with this less expensive Boss of the Plains-style hat.

Under $100
Charlie 1 Horse Runaway Felt Cowboy Hat

You'll look like you belong on the Drummond ranch with this 100% fur felt cowboy hat. The 4-inch brim provides plenty of sun protection.

Best Dressy Hat
The Rapture

This soft felt Stetson hat would look just as good with a casual jean jacket as it would a dressier outfit for a night on the town. The real pheasant feather tucked into the band is an elegant touch.

Twisted Weave Hat

This straw cowboy hat is a dead ringer for the one Sandra Bullock wore in Hope Floats.

Best Splurge
JBS Heritage 6X Cowboy Hat
Stages West

For a serious cowgirl look, consider investing in this Stetson bestseller. The cattleman-style hat is made of high-quality fur felt and has a sterling silver buckle and a satin liner.

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