Ree’s Video of Ladd Drummond Shows What It's *Really* Like to Be a Cowboy

This video is legen-dairy. 🐮

A day on the Drummond ranch is never dull.

Just ask Ree's husband, Ladd! This busy guy spends a good portion of his day weaning and gathering cattle (with the help of his adorable pups). It's a labor of love, and Ree's own personal cowboy does it well. But sometimes, things can go a little haywire. 😉

Ree took to her Instagram today to share a clip of Ladd showing their dogs some love after a long morning of work. But it wasn't the cute dogs that caught our attention...

"How was your day, dear?" Ree asks Ladd. He responds, "Pretty good"—but Ree doesn't seem to buy it. (And you'll see why!)

It turns out Ladd had himself a little scuffle with one of the cows on the ranch! Ree pans over to reveal a ripped shirt and a sizable cut running across Ladd's back. "A cow ran over me. It knocked me down," Ladd says. "I was like a turtle on my back out there!"

According to Ree, it's nothing a little Neosporin can't fix. 😂

To his credit, Ladd seemed to take the whole thing in stride, and even laughed about it. (Leave it to a dad to never miss an opportunity to crack a joke!) This isn't the first time Ladd has had cow troubles. During an Instagram Live video with her daughter Alex last year, Ree shared that Ladd got kicked in the head by a cow.

"This is what it's like being married to a rancher/cowboy/country boy," she said in the video.

Here's hoping tomorrow is better for Ladd!

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