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China is just open for travel! This is really a good news. I booked my tickets between Hong Kong and Shenzhen North with these guys and the procedure was really easy and smooth. All went well at the station, I only showed my passport and board on train. The booking fee was also reasonable and acceptable.

  • Clients: Mr. Romulo
  • Country: USA

Everything and all your staff and customer service was/is great as always. I've used your service for many years all over China. The only reason Not 5 Stars is my last 2 Trips had Zhong Pu/Middle Berth and Not Xia Pu; the bottom berth. I realize I traveled twice during Chinese New Year and the trains were full. Still your service is good enough to have access to all bottom berth. I will still use your service and your staff. Many know me and even make a phone call when they are not completely sure of what I want to schedule. Thank-You for all your help. Gregory Charles Fleisner

  • Clients: Gregory Charles Fleisner
  • Country: China

TravelChinaGuide is a very reliable company for train tickets booking. Our trip was Shenzhen-Harbin-Shenzhen. I know that the tickets were under great demands in winter. Luckily, we got the tickets successfully with your help. Thanks for grabbing the tickets for us! We will surely use your service again!

  • Clients: Maggy
  • Country: Brunei

Thank you again for booking the train tickets and making the whole process so easy. The user guide (which I printed out and took with me) was particularly helpful as the process of checking in for the train was quite different from Europe.

  • Clients: LAWRENCE
  • Country: United Kingdom

We had a lovely time travelling. Thank you for making the train expierence so easy. We had some problems finding the right window to get our printed tickets as we arrived at Shenzhen North station but they gave us permission to go through all the checkpoints with only the printed version of the ticket - although the printed version does not have our seat numbers on, i managed to show them the email with the seat numbers and they accepted it. When we came back from Guilin it was much easier to get our tickets from the train station. It was a very pleasant journey and I will most defnitely make use of your service again. Thank you for making travelling so much easier.

  • Clients: Mr.GROVE
  • Country: South Africa

I am completely satisfied with the Travel China Guide train ticket booking, purchasing and delivery service. The tickets I purchased were indeed delivered to my first Hotel in China prior to my arrival, so as soon as I checked-in the package containing the tickets was handed to me. The payment procedure with you was clear and worked correctly, with no mistakes or undue charges. Overall I congratulate your company for the quality of the service provided. My travel by train experience in China is absolutely positive. The Chinese system for boarding the trains, similar to the one for boarding flights, and quite different from Europe where passengers can basically roam freely the station site and all the platforms, seems to me quite effective in handling the flux of large crowds in an orderly and disciplined fashion. Food service on the G trains we took was offered frequently but not obsessively. In addition, stations and trains are impressively clean and shining. Digital signing in both Chinese and English was ubiquitous and clear. Finding our way in the beautiful, immense and new Shanghai Hongqiao and XianBei stations was very easy. A bit of time took us to find our way into the correct part of the BeijingXi station, as coming out of the Beijing subway we first entered and went through baggage check on the ground floor, but then we found out that the "G" (high speed") trains are boarded from the second floor but apparently there was no internal connection between the two floors, so we had to exit the building, find a non-immediately-evident path via a bridge ramp outside the building, re-pass a new baggage check on the second floor, etc. One thing that perhaps could be clarified in the already excellent Travel China Guide website is that to board a high-speed train at the BeijingXi station one has to enter the building on the second floor.

  • Clients: Mr.COSTA
  • Country: Italy

Travelling by high speed train between major cities is easy. Everything is well indicated and you cannot go wrong while you are only allowed to get on the platform when the train is about to arrive. On the major stations (i cannot speak for the smaller ones) have signs and indications in English. The stations are very well equipped. The high speed train was very comfortable and punctual. On one journey we had booked first class but were "upgraded" to business class. Announcement in the train is also in English so you can be prepare in time to get off the train in time. Booking procedure: easy. The printed out confirmation could without problems be handed over in the ticket office and we received our tickets. Helpful: The reminder sent by your office a few days for travelling in our e mail with another copy of the confirmation. Resum: Next time I travel by train in China I will book again with your company. Travelling by high speed train in china is very comfortable and relaxed. Just one small point for improvement: You can only use paypal (In the Netherlands it is hardly used, I had tot create an account) so i would advise you to make payments by visa or credit card possible.

  • Clients: Mr.Leland
  • Country: Netherlands

Booking was really easy, putting our passports online was simple! Your service was as excellent as it was simple and easy! I was a bit afraid when we arrived at the station, not knowing how long it would take to cross all the security barriers. But everything went OK. The trip in itself was very confortable. My only remark concerns the little bag of food we were offered on the train a bit odd! It is very interesting to cross China by train, as you can see what is happening aside from the big cities. I would recommend this experience to anyone curious of your country! Thanks again for everything.

  • Clients: Mr.Peter V.
  • Country: France

I am very sastified with the booking of my 2 train tickets with you. It was very easy to pick up the first ticket at the railway station in Shanghai. People are always helpfull to show you at wich counter you have to go. For the second ticket I asked for a delivery at my hotel, it arrived on the next day of your shipping message, just as we arrived at the hotel. Trains in soft sleeper are very comfortable. Some are older than others but the sleepers are good and the bed sheets super clean The toilets and bathroom are ok. I like the conviniency of having boiling water in self-service to prepare ones own tea or noodle instant soup during the travel. The railway stations are well organised with several waiting rooms releated to the different trains, reminds of the boarding procedure of the airports. The boarding is some times a little bit stressfull, because some chinese people want to be the first boarding in, so it is better to wait a little before standing for boarding. My second train was coming from an other town and I was a little bit scared about having enough time to get in the train with all my lugage and all those poeple! But it was so good organised that it was no problem, they let us come on the platform some 15 minuts before the train came and asked the people to built a trail in front of the right place where ones own carriage will stop. There is an employee responsible for each carriage helping to climb in with the lugage. It was a good experience, that I prefere to the plain. I will use the train again.

  • Clients: Ms.S U
  • Country: France

I just wanted to write to say thank you very much for your help and assistance during our time in China. The service you have provided has been excellent and of the highest professional standards. You have answered all emails quickly and efficiently and have made our time in China much more enjoyable without the trouble of arranging the tickets ourselves. You always did what you said you would do which is very important and we are grateful. We would be more than happy to recommend your services to any friends and family coming to china. If there is anywhere else we can provide a formal review of your services we would be pleased to do so.

  • Clients: Mr.Hiles
  • Country: United Kingdom

My journey was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Ivy dealt excellently with my booking. When I arrived at my hotel, they informed me that a parcel was delivered for me (my ticket! No hassle, no worries). When I got to the station, my train number was on the board and along with the check-in gate. I asked at the information desk too, just to be sure I had it right, they were very helpful. The check-in was a little confusing, I presumed that meant I had to do something prior to departure but actually, it is just showing your ticket before you go through the turn-style, onto the platform. About 30 minutes before the departure time, your number goes from red to green and the staff opens the check-in. The toilets in the station are not great, but the toilet on the actual train is fine ( I was in first class, but presumably they are all the same). I had an excellent first class seat that was actually in the business class area. The staff was really lovely, serving tea when we boarded, soft drinks later and then lunch. I was also provided with slippers to make the journey even more comfortable. Thanks China travel guide for an unforgettable experience!

  • Clients: Ms.Sharee
  • Country: Ireland

I must commend the speed of your customer service at answering questions. Your agents were very good at answering questions quickly. A group of four foreigners traveling to some of the most popular tourist attractions without anyone knowing a word of Chinese. You can imagine it can be very hard, but your service made it much easier for us! There were a few lines at the great wall and the Forbidden City but TCG were able to find us the tickets we needed on the trains we wanted for the times we desired. This allowed us to relax and enjoy the sites, the scenes and the masses of people without concern of scrambling for tickets. The bullet train was a pleasure from Shanghai to Beijing. We glad we did this trip and used your service. We will back to China again in following years for sure.

  • Clients: Mr.Edward
  • Country: Australia

I rate the service from TCG as excellent. The very best!. I made 3 overnight train trips while in China. All arranged by TCG. Each trip was in a 4 berth sleeper and all were great. I was traveling alone and do not speak Chinese, and the other people in the cabin did not speak English. But I had a Chinese phrase book and we were all able to understand each other using the phrase book. Each train trip was wonderful and all of the people I shared the cabin with were also great people. China is a very nice and safe country and I will visit again soon. Thank you TCG for all of your help.

  • Clients: Mr. Emilia
  • Country: New Zealand

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