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8 Best Flashlights That'll Come in Handy for Any Job in the Dark

These products are highly rated for brightness, modes, and charge.

best flashlights
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From scary stories told in the dark to power outages, flashlights are a reliable house essential. These nifty tools come in handy in the most unexpected of times, so it's important to have one on-hand at all times. That's why we've made a list of the best flashlights.

These top-rated flashlights are judged based on their brightness, durability, charge or battery life, and weight. Since everyone's lifestyle is different, you're sure to find one here that fits your style. For hobbies that require a light on the go, such as hunting, hiking, or driving an RV, consider investing in a flashlight that's powerful enough to illuminate the wilderness but lightweight enough to carry in a kit of camping essentials. If you have household errands early in the morning (or an early riser in the family like Ladd Drummond!), look for a flashlight with a wrist lanyard.

Since you never know when you'll need one, it's smart to keep a flashlight at home, in the car, and at the office. For the sake of convenience, it's a good idea to keep these gadgets in a variety of places such as bags, drawers, and storage cubbies. If using for emergencies only, consider buying a pack of colorful, compact flashlights that are easy to stow away. Each color can signify a different space: purple for home, blue for the car, and so on. Here, shop some of the best flashlights to have on hand.

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Best Overall
GearLight S2000 LED Flashlight
Now 30% off

If you're looking for a flashlight with all the bells and whistles, look no further than this high lumens beam! It's made from military-grade aluminum, so it's also water-resistant and strong enough to survive a 10-foot drop. It comes with everything you need to get started: a AA battery holder, lanyard, and user manual.

Set of Multiples
LUX-PRO Tactical LED Multi-Mode Handheld Flashlight
Now 12% off

Combine beauty and function with a compact light in a variety of eye-catching colors such as neon pink, baby blue, and sweet purple. These small light run on AAA batteries for up to 12 hours and they glow in the dark, making them easy to spot in dim spaces.

Best Battery Life
Fenix WF30RE Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

Whether you’re taking an extended trip outdoors or simply hate recharging electronics, this flashlight has you covered. With a runtime of 120 hours at 30 lumens, this beam sits at-the-ready for long-term light needs.

Best for Travel
Amazon Nitefox Mini AAA Keychain Flashlight

Need a small light for on the go? This compact flashlight is the perfect size for a purse, pocket, or keychain. The diffuser attachment provides an optional candlelight glow.

Best Colored Light
Nulumina Focusable Waterproof Flashlight

Most flashlights are white lights, which are great for illuminating dark spaces, but tend to wash-out whatever is in their path. This beam emulates the sun, giving off a more natural hue.

Coolest Design
White Mountain Knives Iain Sinclair EON Credit Card Flashlight
White Mountain Knives

Stowaway this sleek, card-like flashlight in your wallet for illumination in a pinch! Its unassuming appearance is easy to conceal and useful in a variety of situations, and it comes with a lithium coin cell power source pre-charged with 5+ year shelf life.

Longest Range
Acebeam L19 PM1 White LED Flashlight

For people who are less comfortable outdoors, a far-reaching light can provide an extra level of safety. This torch can throw light nearly 4,300 feet, easily illuminating one's surroundings. It's good for tactical use and hunting, too.

Most Eco-Friendly
ZAKKA Sine LITE LITE Flashlight
Zakka Sine

This paper exterior flashlight encapsulates ‘eco-friendly’ to a T. The battery operated torch turns on when held and off when released.

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