Impression Sanjie Liu

You may have watched plays in the theater and have been used to the stage, lights, and sound equipment in an enclosed space. Would you like to try an alternative way of enjoying a performance, in a natural environment? If so, please come to Yangshuo to witness a performance of 'Impression Sanjie Liu'. We are sure that it will satisfy you greatly.

Impression Sanjie Liu was premiered on March 20th, 2004 at the Sanjie Liu Sing Fair, one mile from West Street (Xi Jie). This is the world largest natural theater which utilizes the waters of the Li River as its stage, with twelve mist shrouded hills and the heavens as its backdrop. Mist, rain, moonlight, the hills and their inverted reflections in the river all become the ever-changing natural background. Its auditorium is housed on the natural islands of the river with the audience standing on the designed terraces, surrounded by green plants. The sound equipment here cannot be seen because it is in harmony with the natural environment.
Impression on Sanjie Liu, Yangshuo
Impression on Sanjie Liu

The valleys, the hills, the cool breeze and the gurgling streams are all elements contributing to the three-dimensional sound effect. Day by day, different weather offers different sceneries with the four seasons refreshing the performance of Impression Sanjie Liu as well, so you will have unique experience every time you watch it. This is really a new concept opera using nature as an integral part of its performers; hence its name - 'Human's Masterpiece Cooperated with the God'.

Maybe you have heard of the film 'Sanjie Liu' produced in 1961, which made the Li River famous worldwide. Sanjie Liu is a fairy singer in the myths and legends of the Zhuang ethnic minority. She is incomparably beautiful, and has voice to match her beauty. In the 'Impression Sanjie Liu', what you can see are the impressions derived from the daily life of the people living around the Li River, rather than the specific details of the stories. From these impressions, you will gain a realistic impression on the background of Sanjie's birthplace and understand the beauty of the folk songs' hometown.

Preface - the Legend of Hills and Rivers

The performance of Impression Sanjie Liu is divided into seven chapters including the preface and epilogue. At the beginning, the lights are all turned off and the image of Sanjie appears indistinctly in the sky with beautiful songs 'Sing the folk songs, here I am singing and there you are echoing...'. As the lights come up, the twelve hills appear in front of the audients; and a small fishing boat is rowed from the hills. This is the Preface - the Legend of Hills and Rivers.

The First Chapter - Red Impression: Folk Songs

The first chapter is the Red Impression: Folk Songs. On the water, many fishermen are rowing their bamboo rafts in a column. Either standing or squatting, they hang the large red silk in the sky and or upon the water. This red picture symbolizes the enthusiasm and praises the labors of the local people.

Impression on Sanjie Liu Impression on Sanjie Liu

The Second Chapter - Green Impression: Garden

The second chapter is the Green Impression: Garden. The color green symbolizes nature as well as the vitality. Among the green hills and rivers, the smoke from cooking fires curls upward; herders are heading home with their cattle under the gleam of the sunset. The women, washing clothes beside the water are waiting for their husbands who are rowing the fishing rafts back home. This chapter reveals the peaceful and happy life of the local people.

The Third Chapter - Golden Impression: Fishing Lights

Impression on Sanjie LiuThe third chapter is the Golden Impression: Fishing Lights. Hundreds of bamboo rafts with golden fishing lights are spreading all over the river. The rafts, gently rocking make the golden fishing lights dance upon the waters, the straw rain capes, the frolic cormorants and the hills construct a perfect picture describing the simple existence of the people around the Li River.

The Fourth Chapter - Blue Impression: Love Songs

The fourth chapter is the Blue Impression: Love Songs. Under the deep blue sky, and on the dark blue water, the performer of Sanjie is singing classical love songs. Then, a crescent-shaped boat with a charming fairy dancing in is flying onto the surface of the water. A group of pretty and young girls, dressed in red or white are bathing around the boat. In this blue world, these beautiful girls seem to become the notes of Sanjie's love songs.

Last Chapter - Silvery Impression: Performance Grand Ceremony

The last chapter is the Silvery Impression: Performance Grand Ceremony. As the 'Wonder of Lijiang Culture', this scenery reflects the traditional ceremony in Sanjie's hometown according to the legend. Over 200 Zhuang girls form a long column across the bridge over the Li River. Their silver dresses make the river shimmer in a mysterious manner.


In the Epilogue, the fishing rafts are rowed farther and farther from the audience while the beautiful songs of Sanjie are still echoing among the hills. The girls on the bridge present their thanks for the audience with their affectionate folk songs.

Except for the perfect seven pictures, the performance also boasts both modern and classical music played by famous musicians of China. Additionally, there are in excess of 600 performers, all of whom are local people of the Li River. They present the reality of life for the people in Sanjie's hometown through their primitive and wonderful performances.

How to get to the theater for Impression Sanjie Liu

The entrance of the theater is on the East Street (Dong Jie) of Yangshuo. From the West Street (Xi Jie), you can take a battery car for 5-10 minutes to the theater. It takes half an hour by walking.

Tickets Price: Regular Seat: CNY 198
VIP Seat: B2 CNY238   B1 CNY 320
President Seat: A2 CNY 480  A1 CNY 680

CNY 90 for children between 1.2 and 1.4 meters (3.9 - 4.6 feet);
Free for children below 1.2 meters but they are not offered with seats.
Show Time: First run: 19:40
Second run: 21:00
Note: The schedule is for reference only.
The show is not available in the month before Chinese New Year.

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- Last updated on May. 18, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Impression Sanjie Liu
Asked by Clara | Jul. 16, 2023 03:03Reply
back to business?
Hi, has the show Impression Liu Sanjie resumed? Is it available now?
Answers (1)
Answered by Olivia | Jul. 17, 2023 20:24

Yes, the show is available now, at 19:40 and 21:10 every day except the days with bad weather.
Asked by Greta from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 18, 2023 06:46Reply
Impression Sanjie Liu in 2023

Is the show still available in 2023? :) Do they have shows daily? When does it start and when does it finish please?

Is it possible to buy tickets on the same day in Yangshuo?

Answers (1)
Answered by Scott | May. 18, 2023 19:50

At the time of being, the show has not been resumed yet, but it should be available soon.

In the past, it was performed daily in the show season except in bad weather at night. If you do not mind the location of the seat, you can buy the ticket on the same day.
Asked by Noon from SHANGHAI | Jul. 08, 2020 01:49Reply
Do Impression Sanjie Liu show still perform during this time?
Do the show still have normal schedule during this time? We are lots forward to go to Yangshuo in the begging of August 2020 for this show.
Answers (1)
Answered by Paisley from FRANCE | Jul. 12, 2020 23:45

As I know, you can still see the performance during this time. But I am not sure whether if the schedule would be changed temporarily. You are suggested to consult the staff when you arriving there.
Asked by Grzegorz from POLAND | Jan. 23, 2020 03:06Reply
Return to Guilin after the show

We will be at Yangshuo in mid-February. We will arrive morning by train. But cannot find what are the options for returning to Guilin after the show. As I saw, there's no train in late evening and taxi is quite to expensive for us. Could you, please, provide us some info about this?

Thanks and regards,

Answers (1)
Answered by Bryan from FRANCE | Feb. 01, 2020 19:28

Well, if you have enough time, you can stay one night in Guilin. If not, you can share a car with other passengers. In this way, the fare would be cheaper.
Asked by Irina from GERMANY | Dec. 11, 2019 07:09Reply
Will the impression Sanjieliu be available on March 2020?
We're planning to go on mid March 2020
Answers (1)
Answered by Jack from GERMANY | Dec. 11, 2019 18:44

Yes, as I know, there will have performance at that time.
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